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The Benefits of having a Professional, Mobile Friendly, Website

Boost Your Business with a Professional Mobile-friendly Website

Without a plan for attracting and engaging the mobile consumer, many businesses could find themselves in serious financial straits. The smartphone phenomenon has reached the point where the majority of search engine users are now searching from a mobile device. This gives the business with a Mobile Friendly Website Design a powerful advantage over competitors with outdated non-mobile friendly sites.

Google’s recommended solution to the mobile friendliness issue is the responsive website, a design that gives users an optimal experience no matter what type of device the site is viewed on. This means that mobile users can view each page with a minimum amount of scrolling, and that the navigation buttons and tabs are easily accessible.

Here’s exactly how adopting a responsive website will benefit your business.

benefits of responsive website design
  1. Responsive Design Will Save You Time and Money

    Having a single website that serves both desktop and mobile users is about one-half the cost and hassle of maintaining a separate mobile site alongside your desktop version. Adopting a responsive mobile friendly website design means you’ll pay for only one design fee, one domain name, and one SEO campaign.

  2. Google Prefers It

    Google recommends responsive website design and has even described it as the industry best practice. Responsive design keeps search users happy by providing a great experience regardless of device used, and makes it faster and easier for Google to crawl and index your web content.

  3. Responsive Design Will Keep Your Website Out of the Penalty Box

    With more than half of all searches originating from a mobile device, Google is firmly in the mobile friendly camp. Sites considered by Google to be unfriendly to the mobile user will simply not rank as well as their mobile friendly counterparts. What’s more, non-mobile friendly websites will be further compromised when Google rolls out its mobile-first index over the new few months. Beginning with this update, all sites will be indexed with a mobile user agent, and websites with a non-responsive desktop version only will likely suffer in the search rankings accordingly.

How to Tell if Your Website is Mobile Friendly

Google offers a free testing tool for determining whether your website meets its standards for mobile friendliness. If your site fails to make the grade, you’ll also receive an actionable list of any mobile friendliness issues.


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