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90% of smartphone users search for local businesses online. Our clients show up at the top of search results, does your business?

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Google has recently put an emphasis on local businesses in their search results because they better understand what people are looking for on a local level (especially dealing with local service providers). This means that your business can now compete with the big companies in your local area.

Maps listings are very (very) important

Google knows what type of information you are looking for by the way you type in your search query. When users are looking for local businesses the majority of the search results include a map pack. Dominating the map packs will drive more phone calls and more leads to your business each month.


Our Reputation Management System

Our proven process allows us to increase the search engine rank and traffic of any local business in even the most competitive industries.

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My company (New Wealth Advisors Club) is an REI Club based out of Riverside, CA. We've primarily operated in Southern California over the last 10 years, but decided to expand to Hawaii last year. We hired Tanner to do some Facebook ads for us, and he came up with an awesome campaign that has been instrumental in the growth and success of my company here on Oahu. Thank you Strive!

Andrew Boswell Avatar Andrew Boswell
January 18, 2020

Tanner and his team have completed several projects, including web design, website updating, cleanup, etc. Tanner and his team have an intuitive eye for design, and are able to turn work orders around quickly and efficiently. I am consistently pleased with their work, and he always seems to go a bit above and beyond what I expect. I will continue to hire Tanner, and the Strive Marketing team for the majority of my web design and social media marketing. Strongly recommend that you give them a try.

Jerrod Wertman Avatar Jerrod Wertman
January 6, 2020

I sought out Strive from successful work they had done before for a former employer when I decided to start my own online business. Last August I went from complete anonymity to the #1 ranked company in my niche by May. Tanner never blew smoke and managed expectations perfectly while working with me and for me to build my business. If there's anyone better than Strive you would pay triple for it. You literally can't go wrong with Strive marketing.

Christopher Smith Avatar Christopher Smith
May 5, 2018
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 At Strive Marketing, we help local business owners harness the power of digital marketing & use it to get more sales, more happiness and reduce the stress of running a business.

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