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Buying the Right Domain Name.

In this STRIP of the day we are going to breakdown buying the right domain. Domains have a BIG impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Why Is A Domain Important?

Google looks at a very big list of items when it comes to ranking your website in the search listings. One of the most important items (according to independent studies) for ranking higher in Google. We are not saying it will get you to number 1 or even on the first page, but it will have an impact.

That being said it may not always be the wisest choice to pick your business name as the domain name name. Example:

Here is a client of ours that is trying to rank for “storage units in chubbuck”.


What Do I Need To Do?

You need to think from the perspective of your target audience. What are they going to type into Google to find your business? If you sell Baby Cribs, I would type in something like “baby cribs for sale”. If you are a local business then it would make sense to have the city incorporated. Something like “chiropractor idaho falls”.

Have I lost you yet?

After you figure out how your customers will find you, go to and search for it. For my first example I would search for” for my second example I would search for “”. If they were not available I would search for the closest alternative. Godaddy will give you suggestions if a domain is already taken.

We use because we would like to be ranked for our business name “Strive Marketing” rather then a service we provide like “idaho falls web design”.

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