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Google Maps! It’s free and Very helpful!

In this STRIP of the day we are going to breakdown Google Maps.  For you as a business owner it is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do for your business. It’s free and can almost automatically generate sales. (Almost).


What is Google Maps Purpose?


Google uses Google Maps to provide an entry level look at business for searchers. It is a way for a searcher to quickly find a phone number, address, store hours, a website, directions, etc.  All the basics. What Google wants to do is give the searcher a very quick option to see who is near them , offering what they are searching for,  and multiple ways to reach them.



How do I get my business listed in Google Maps?


Great Question! I’m glad you asked. Your business needs to have a few specifics to be able to be listed in Google Maps.

  1. A Physical Address
    • Not a P.O. Box, not a forwarded mailing address, not an employee’s girlfriends house in that big town close to you that you really want to be listed in….but a physical address at your location that receives mail for your business.
  2. A Phone Number
    • They may need to verify some of your information via phone. Don’t make one up or this could really bite ya.
  3. All the other basic business items will help
    • Email, Website, Photos, Logo, etc.

Okay you have the necessities, now back to your question.

You need to create a Gmail account, and then submit your business to Google Local. There is two options to verify your map listing and you won’t be able to choose, either phone or postcard. This is why you used real information. If you didn’t, you have to start over!

If your option was via phone, congrats you’re done! If your option was postcard, you will now have to wait 2-3 weeks and you will receive it in the mail. Once you receive your postcard you will need to sign back onto your Gmail account and input the code from your postcard. Congrats!!

The other more simple way of handling your Google Maps listing, is to trust in Strive Marketing to handle all of this for you!


Good luck!

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