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Content is (still) King!

…and always will be.

The quest for content domination should always be your number one goal. The website with the most useful, engaging information will always have a fighting chance at the top of the SERP’s. If you are writing your content just to have content, then you might as well stop now.

You Cant Fool Google OR Your Customers

Google is far to smart and advanced for content that is not interesting to read, and is stuffed full of keyword phrases. Your content needs to serve a purpose. It needs to be detailed, informative, styled for browsing, and most of all it needs to be relevant of your page or site.

Here’s Where to Start

1) Determine the purpose of your content!

Do some keyword research and pick up on the slang terms that are used, every industry has them. Also the use of bullets, numbers, images, titles, etc. is a must. I guarantee you wont get a lot of readers to finish a page that is packed full of giant paragraphs of text.

2) Say No To…

  • keyword stuffing
  • duplicate content
  • uninteresting content
  • run-on sentences
  • lengthy paragraphs
  • drugs

3) Talk to your Customers

When you are writing your content, don’t get too technical. Remember, your content is most likely a heavy portion of your sales material. If your readers don’t understand it, it’s hard to feel very confident they will buy! Your content should reflect the answers and information commonly given out when you are talking to a potential consumer in this stage over the phone or in person. Your website (can be) the cheapest, hardest working, longest lasting sales person you will ever have. Communicate clearly to your customers even though your not actually speaking to them.

Make an effort to review and improve your content often!





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