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The Benefits of Online Marketing

I’d like to start off by getting one thing straight…

It’s not just about ranking in Google anymore. 

From the desk of an Internet Marketing guru in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

It’s 2014. Almost every business owner has tried some form on “Online” or “Digital” marketing…but why? What is the real benefit to your business when you spend your time and money on SEO, PPC or SMM? In our opinion, a lot of business owners we meet feel they need to do online marketing, but don’t really understand why. 

Let’s discuss the Big Picture.

The most over-used acronym in online marketing today is SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is what gets your website ranking in the search engines like Google and Bing. Is SEO one of the most important parts of a Internet Marketing campaign? Yes. But not for the reason you are thinking.

Ranking first in Google is great. The real benefit of ranking in Google is the fact that you must have a strong positive presence across the web to achieve that ranking.  A blog post with tons of great information, Social Media pages with a large number of followers and engagement and a website that attracts (and keeps) visitors all usually go hand in hand with ranking well in Google.

Benefiting Factors.

All of these factors give your company quite a few benefits; both obvious and a little more hidden.

  • 1) Easy to find business information – It doesn’t matter if it is someone on a phone, someone on facebook, someone looking in business directories or search engines. Simply making sure your business is listed in all the important places can immediately increase revenue.
  • 2) Control your First Impression – It’s a little scary, but you really can be anyone you want to be online. Make sure your company has an online presence that will showcase all of your best features. There is so many places to have both positive and negative information written about your company. Take the initiative to fill them up with 5 star reviews. It will payoff big time.
  • 3) Become the Expert – In almost every industry, there is a company that comes to name as the trusted expert. When your blog is filled up with educational interesting information, and you have the appearance of the go-to business you can literally increase the value of your product or service.
  • 4) Be your customers friends – Social Media pages like twitter and facebook are literally the modern day digital spokesperson of your business. Make the investment to be sure your spokesperson is who you want it to be.


What about $ales!?

Of course the goal of any marketing campaign is to increase sales. Internet Marketing offers more avenues for your business to increase revenue than anywhere else. When you cover all of your bases and I mean all of them, you maximize the potential revenue on individual client basis. Ranking in Google can attract them, your blog will sell them, an easy to use website will keep them happy, social media pages will bring them back, their positive reviews will attract more clients. It’s a huge circle that can literally turn failing businesses into thriving major competitors.

Your marketers need to know everything about your business!

Your internet marketing company should be looked at as a business partner. Someone who knows the big goal and help builds the game plan to achieve it. We offer a completely free business analysis and game plan creation based off of the needs of your business. You owe it to your company to see what you could be missing out on, or to have the confidence that you are going in the right direction.

Check out some of our work and give us a call for a friendly chat!


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